California Politicians and Gray Davis – Case 34


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California Politicians & Gov. Gray Davis
Breach of Contract
Lying to the People of California

California Governor Gary Davis came into office on the promise that he would respect the will of the American people. He lied. He has done everything in his power to thwart Prop 187 a ballot initiative designed to stem the tide of illegal immigration into California. Other politicians in this state do not uphold American laws; they applaud all efforts to allow illegal immigrants to enter this country and provide for their well being. The Federal Government, too, has allowed this problem to continue unabated These politicians are not Americans. They should be tried for treason, for supporting un-American activities.

NOTE: Gov. Gray Davis and Assemblyman Cedillo were contacted regarding this case and chose to remain silent.

The final votes were tabulated and duplicates were removed.
Here are the results:
Guilty – 4,932 Votes     Not Guilty – 1,817 Votes

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