Davis Kills Prop 187

California Governor Gray Davis Kills Proposition 187

By Susan Harris

Proposition 187, the ballot issue approved by nearly 60% of California’s population has been successfully annihilated by Governor Gray Davis as of July 27, 1999. The 1994 landmark ballot initiative was designed to deny illegal immigrants from receiving a slew of free social services.

Although Davis opposed the proposition back in ’94, when he became governor this year, he swore that he would respect the will of the people, as was his job to do. I guess what he didn’t say was that he would only respect the will of the illegal people in the state and that of all the people of Latino origin who tend to flout the law in favor of a free ride for their country men.

Democrats like Davis have been selling out to Latinos for years. More Latinos and more illegals equal more votes because even the illegals manage to vote in our elections. I don’t know who to despise more, the politicians who let it happen or the illegals from making fools of us all.

It went down like this. The ballot measure was approved. Former Gov. Pete Wilson supported it. A moronic Los Angeles judge named Mariana R. Pfaelzer of the U.S. District 9th Circuit appellate court ruled that it was unconstitutional, saying immigration is a federal issue (thus illegal immigration is to be ignored). Gov. Davis then decided he would not appeal the decision back in April and said it should go to mediation even though lawyers everywhere said you can’t mediate such a issue. Then a few days ago, Davis signed a bill that would allow illegal immigrant women to get prenatal care (even though they were already getting it, it was now official thanks to Davis that they could). Davis then signed an agreement with some civil rights groups stating flat out that he would not appeal the decision by Judge Pfaelzer which means the case won’t go to the Supreme Court as was originally thought.

By the way, Davis’ partners is crime are Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante; Los Angeles Assemblyman Gilbert Cedillo and all the so called Mexican-American rights organizations in the state. Funny, when my parents immigrated to this country from Europe after the way, I remember finding a federal government document that belonged to my father that stated categorically “There is no such thing as a hyphenated American”. Interestingly, when we discuss ethnic minorities now, suddenly being hypenated is okay. It’s as if our own government has given up the good fight to force people to hold allegiance to THIS country and no other.

Said Glenn Spencer, president of ‘Voice of Citizens Together’,a San Fernando Valley-based group: “Davis sold his soul for the Hispanic vote and now he’s paying off … if he hadn’t done this they would have lynched him. The governor and the rest of these people are afraid to send this to the Supreme Court.” Maybe if we’re lucky the rest of California’s population really will lynch him …for treason.

Judge Pfaelzer called Proposition 187 “a state scheme to regulate immigration”. Of course it was. The federal government refuses to do anything about hordes of illegals coming here every day. Someone had to try to do something to stop them.

You know when Davis really capitulated? When Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo visited Los Angeles in May and Gray Davis didn’t have the guts to tell him face to face to do something about the problems in Mexico so his people would stay there.

One of the tenets of Prop 187 was that all the illegal immigrant children would be ousted from school and administrators would report them and their undocumented parents to immigration authorities. What some people absolutely refuse to comprehend is that illegal means that these people broke our laws. They have no rights to free services in this country whether it is medical care, schooling, driving licenses, social security, jobs or anything else. The only rights they have is not to be harmed and to be treated with a measure of respect as you would any human being. The only other right they have is to be sent back to wherever it is they came from and have those other countries pay us for our trouble in dealing with their citizens.

When our lawmakers allow others to break our laws and then reward them for it, then our lawmakers ought not to be rewarded with high salaries and other perks. They don’t represent the American people anymore. In the case of California’s lawmakers, they haven’t represented the American people for some time. They are guilty of gross misconduct and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – but right now, I don’t even know which law that might be since our politicians have gotten so good at turning our laws into jokes.

One last thought. Could it be that our “American” politicians are trying to establish a cheap slave labor force in this country? Allowing a steady stream of illegals and keeping them happy with free benefits means they’ll keep coming and while they’ll here they’ll contribute to the economy at the same time they mow our lawns, plant our crops, be nannies for our kids, laborers in construction and other projects, all for a whopping minimum wage. Politicians love them – they ply them with free benefits at everyone else’s expense then they garner the votes. Of course we’ll never get rid of them. I wonder if the “American” politicians have figured it out yet that in a few years they’ll be out of a job because the illegals will have theirs too.