California Immigration – a Joke

Immigration California Style: What a Joke!

By Susan Harris

If you want to keep rats out of the attic, you don’t put goodies out for them at the same time that you board up the house. But, that’s just how the U.S. government and California legislature handle illegal immigration here.

The Border Patrol at points south, San Diego and beyond, spends millions figuring new ways to keep out the illegals at the same time that the government up north dangles gold-plated carrots in the form of free public benefits.

The Border Patrol builds high walls and fences, installs high tech surveillance, risks their lives trying to maintain some sense of control over our borders. And when the infiltrators do manage to breach the containment field, the Border Patrol shoots, arrests, runs them down in high speed/low speed chases and then gets blamed when the van carrying 20 illegals tumbles out of control and crashes in some bushes off a major freeway somewhere. What are they supposed to do to stop them? Use harsh words? On the other hand, maybe they ought to get gold stars for the hundreds they save who have been dumped in the desert by the coyotes (runners of illegals) trying to escape with their own derrieres intact. Recently, there was a massive invasion of over 600 illegal aliens in one night. And they’re not coming here for the fine climate.

In 1994 about 60% of the state’s population voted on an initiative (Proposition 187) to ban the misguided generosity of free benefits – no mean feat considering Latinos are pretty nearly the majority ethnic group now. Then last year, misguided soul, U.S. District Judge Mariana R. Pfaelzer ruled that the Proposition was unconstitutional and that it was a good idea to give illegal immigrants nonemergency health care, public schooling and numerous other social services. Her reasoning was that only the federal government had the right to make immigration law. Zounds! I thought there WAS a law that said illegal immigration WAS illegal … and if they have no right being here then they sure as hell have no right receiving benefits. California has never recouped from the federal government the money it spent trying to cope with illegal immigration. So where was the federal government whose job it is to make immigration law? Maybe the White House interns know.

Back when he was still governor, Pete Wilson appealed the ruling. Now that he’s out and Gray Davis is in (he opposed the measure when it was originated), that appeal may very well fall by the wayside and the decision of 60% of the state’s population may just as easily be dashed. A democracy? For the people, of the people, by the people? Not in California. Not in the state of the premier suckers of the sublime United Suckers of America. No wonder France gave the U.S. the Statue of Liberty begging for all the world’s poor and downtrodden. No other country was stupid enough to take it. Now, Davis, in order to play both sides of the fence, asked for a private mediation of Prop 187. Many say that’s illegal in itself as an abuse of the mediation process. I say it’s a huge cop-out. Illegal immigrants don’t belong in this country and they shouldn’t be rewarded for breaking the law. If the Federal government can’t or won’t handle the problem, then the state of California and other states in the line of fire, must stop the onslaught now. This Proposition is not unconstitutional. it is common sense.

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