California Politicians Support Illegal Bills

Bills Promote Illegal Immigration

By Susan Harris

Assemblyman Gilbert A. Cedillo, (Dem.- Los Angeles) should be prosecuted for treason, as should all other politicians, Latino and otherwise, who support bills that service illegal immigrants. This latest bill, drafted by Cedillo, to give illegals driving licenses, just to make life here easier for them, is so absurd that’s it beyond sickening. These politicians are not Americans. They are Mexicans disguised as Americans so they can make laws FOR Mexicans. Un-American activities of the highest order.

If California doesn’t stop catering to Mexico, it might as well leave the union, because it sure as hell isn’t a part of it!

Cedillo calls his bill a response to a safety issue. Huh? He says the legal residency rule has created hazards for all motorists by clogging the road with dangerous, unlicensed drivers who cannot legally acquire car insurance. So, throwing a driving license their way suddenly makes them safe drivers?

Then there’s the old economic issue. Backers of the bill (like car insurance companies) say it makes economic sense for the region, given the important role of “illegal immigrant workers” here (the very ones who shouldn’t be here in the first place). More than half of the legal drivers in this state can’t afford the outrageous car insurance rates. You think illegals will be able to? Jack Kyser, chief economist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. says “These people are here and if they have transportation, they can get a job.” Well, with people like Kyser, Cedillo and their ilk aiding them, I guess so.

That’s like saying ‘hey we know people are going to commit murder so why punish them?’

There are more than two million illegal immigrants in this state and for some reason people here want to continue to make it easier for more to come in. I wonder if these are the same people who profit from their being here. Like the rich jerks living in Beverly Hills who need more gardeners; or the politicians up in Sacramento who need more maids and nannies.

You know it really is too bad for the many illegals who complain that not having a drivers license has “cost them time, money and legally recognized proof of identity” which has barred them from opening bank accounts. One cleaning woman says she needs a car to shuttle between jobs and that a lack of formal identification has cost her jobs with employers who want to see an identification card. Are these people insane? They broke the law; they got here illegally; they don’t belong here!

About 10,000 of Cedillo’s compatriots have submitted letters backing the bill and Juan Jose Gutierrez, head of One Stop Immigration, an East Los Angeles social service agency calls Cedillo’s bill “the most important issue in the Latino community since Proposition 187.” Translated, that means, the only thing Latinos are interested in is breaking American laws and supporting illegal immigration.

I tell you what. Why don’t you just give all the illegals keys to the governors’ mansion and the front doors of all the politicians’ homes who support these anti-American causes? That way you can make them real comfortable during their lifetime stay here.