L90 Banner Advertising Company – Case 36


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L90 Banner Advertising Company
Fraud & Deceit
Fraudulent Business Practices
Breach of Contract

L90 is an internet advertising company that sells banner ads to businesses then contracts with other internet companies to place the banner ads on the pages of their sites. One internet company (“ABC Company”) contracted L90 to have L90’s banner ads run on its sites with the promise that the ABC would be paid for its millions of page views.

After waiting 3 months to get paid, L90 said it would only pay ABC about 15-percent of the recorded page views. The reason L90 gave for its enormous disparity was the visitors to ABC were very fast readers and never gave the banners time to load. **Note: we are using the name ABC Company to protect the company.

NOTE: L90 was contacted regarding this case and chose to remain silent.

After posting information on this case and leaving it on the site for
the citizens to read and contemplate, a vote was called.
The following are the results:
Guilty – 3,857 Votes      Not Guilty – 5 Votes

L90’s Rep Implies Stealing is Fine Under Right Conditions.

L90’s Attorney Continues Fraud Coverup