L90’s Peter Hule Continues Fraud


By Jarod Martin

L90’s attorney Peter Huie told a representative of ABC Company that it was ABC’s right to take the fraud matter to court but also stated that his company wanted to run more tests on the discrepancy. ABC declined to go along with the game one more time.

After being deceived for three months running, is it any wonder that ABC would finally wish to put a halt to L90’s obvious scam? L90 had been profiting royally from ABC’s services by reporting 85% lower stats on the advertising banners it had placed on ABC’s sites. ABC said it felt manipulated and lied to and asked why would anyone trust the results of L90’s continued testing, when it had already proved faulty over and over again.

L90 is using the tactics of most corrupt businesses:
1. cheat anyone smaller than you
2. consistently ignore others’ pleas for justice
3. intimidate others with threats of lawsuits if they say anything negative to anyone about the injustice
4. hire sleazy attorneys whose sole purpose is to cover up fraud by dragging the case out in court for many years.