L90 Banner Ad Company Fraud


By Jarod Martin

Background Information:: This story begins in May 2000 when a company we shall call ABC to protect its good name made the mistake of contracting with L90, an internet banner ad company operating out of Santa Monica, California, to sell banner ads on its websites. This is done by having the receiving company place an L90 code on all of its pages which allows the banner ads to be seen by the public.

The Case: ABC Company was contacted by L90 which insisted it was completely honest and that it kept great records, having the most powerful software on the internet to keep track of the stats (statistics on pages viewed, etc.). ABC had worked for many years to get itself in the position of bringing in ad revenue from its multitude of pageviews so, the company thought that it had found the answer in L90. It put L90’s banner code on thousands of its pages, something that took time and money to do.

As soon as the code was in place, L90 immediately had its banners operating throughout ABC.

After two weeks, someone from ABC went to L90’s site to check the stats and found that instead of showing the expected thousands of banner impressions, it only showed a small (15-percent) of what ABC’s own stats showed.

So, ABC immediately contacted L90 informing it of the huge discrepancy between the two sets of figures. L90 responded with an email telling ABC that it was having a problem with its system.

For 3 months, L90 kept promising to fix the system problem and stated that ABC’s true figures would be properly recorded in time. So, with that knowledge and promise, ABC continued in the belief that it would receive fair payment in the end.

After three months and no correction on the figures L90 was now saying that ABC’s viewers were at fault for ‘reading the pages too fast’ and thus not allowing the banners to load fully. After hearing that ridiculous statement, ABC did its own test and found banners loading as they should. Friends and family members all reported seeing L90’s comnpletely loaded banners on the ABC sites at that time during the test and many times prior to it.

Now ABC is faced with having lost thousands of dollars in revenue as a result of L90’s corrupt acounting practices and the company is being forced into filing a lawsuit which is both costly and time consuming.

Question: How many other Internet companies have been defrauded by L90? If you or your company is a victim of L90, kindly email this site.