Farmers Insurance – Case 135


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Farmer’s Insurance Co.
Senior Citizen Abuse
Aiding and Abetting a Criminal
Gross Negligence

After a senior citizen was violently attacked and nearly murdered by a karate-trained lunatic, the senior filed a lawsuit against the perpetrator who maintained a policy with Farmer’s Insurance Co. Rather than settling the case in a timely manner, as any reputable firm would have, Farmer’s Insurance delayed offering any settlement because it knew that the senior’s main witness to the assault was another elderly gentleman who happened to be suffering from terminal cancer and the company hoped that the witness would simply drop dead leaving the senior with no proof whatsoever. The witness did, in fact, die.

Now Farmers Insurance is trying to intimidate the senior into spending thousands of dollars to fight the company in court if he ever hopes to recover any damages whatsoever.

NOTE: Martin Fenstein & Jeff Beyer of Famers Insurance Co. / Mr. Price of the law firm of Early, Maslach, Price & Baukol / Victor Bodo of American Baby & American Angel were contacted repeatedly regarding this case and chose to remain silent.

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