Farmers Insurance: Bad Reputation

Who Owns Farmers Insurance?
B.A.T. (British American Tobacco) – the British based company also
owns Brown & Williamson Tobacco and Farmers Insurance Group.

Is Farmers Insurance known for bad faith and discovery abuse in litigation.

Does Farmers Insurance withhold “legal” documents that are relevant to policy holders and employees?

Does Farmers Insurance discriminate because of age and ethnic backgrounds against policy holders and employees?

Does the Farmers Insurance investigation division use illegal tactics when investigating policy holders and employees?

Does Farmers Insurance treat employees and policy holders fairly with regards to race, sex, age and disabilities?

These are the kinds of questions people have been asking about Farmers’ Insurance. The people who ask them are smart enough not to buy Farmers Insurance because they’ve read the myriad reports about the company and saw nothing good in it.

So we have some suggestions for Farmers Insurance NEW MOTTO:
“Got Farmers? Get Screwed!”

“We’re Farmers Insurance: Screwing You is Our Business.”
“Farmers Insurance: We Take Your Money AND Your Farm!”