Wyeth-Ayerst Labs – Case 251


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Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories

Horse Torture
Conspiracy to Commit Horse Torture
Conspiracy to Control Government Studies
Conspiracy to Control Market

The most widely prescribed drug on the market today, Wyeth-Ayerst’s Premarin, contains a hidden ingredient that many women find hard to swallow and many others know nothing about: unnecessary and large-scale animal suffering and abuse.

Premarin is made from the estrogen-rich urine of strictly confined pregnant horses who receive nothing in the way of humane treatment. The horses are subjected to planned, systematic abuse despite the fact that synthetic and plant-based estrogen drugs are readily available and a growing number of health-care professionals prefer them to a drug made from animal waste.

If you’re a woman taking Premarin, we ask you to stop. If you have a friend or family member using the drug, please alert them to the facts behind the substance and ask them if they are aware that what they are swallowing is another animal’s urine. They may find the truth shocking.

NOTE: Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories was contacted regarding this case and chose to remain silent.

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