U.S. Government, Banking Industry – Case 20


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U.S. Government, Banking Industry &
Credit Reporting Agencies

Invasion of Privacy

The principles upon which this country was founded were freedom and privacy. The more sophisticated our communications have become the more sophisticated our business practices become, the more we have lost our freedom and privacy.

Federal and State governments are guilty of allowing the banking industry, credit reporting agencies, insurance companies and the like of amassing a wide array of private personal and financial information on individuals with no regard to the effect this will have on people’s lives. Greedy entitites even sell this information.

Privacy in this country, thus, does not truly exist and on many occasions, peoples lives have been destroyed as a result. If we are to remain truly free, then we must be able to maintain a measure of personal privacy from our credit files, our earnings to our medical files. The American public must take an active hand in stopping the politicians and banking industry now … before it is too late.

NOTE: IRS, Banking Associations, 3 Credit Reporting Agencies were contacted regarding this case and chose to remain silent.

The final votes were tabulated and duplicates were removed.

Here are the results:

Guilty – 8,465 Votes Not Guilty – 26 Votes

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