House of Reps Sells Out America


Independence Day – HA!
House of Reps Sells Out American People on Privacy Issue

Susan Harris

Tomorrow we celebrate Independence Day. Just two days ago the U .S. House of Representatives sold out the American people by approving a bill that will now allow medical records to be disclosed to credit card companies and other financial institutions. What the hell is going on in this country and why the hell are the people just sitting back and letting it happen?

Wake up people! There’s a whole new era of slavery coming and it’s already upon us. I’m wondering when someone is going to do something … when we’re all being jailed for getting the flu?

The insane people sponsoring and voting for this bill are trying to make us believe it’s to PROTECT our medical records. What? I guess they think we’re insane too. They say they passed it so that credit card companies can process our medical bills when we pay by credit card. Tim Westmoreland, a senior policy fellow at Georgetown University Law Center put it this way: “Under this legislation, a health insurer can send a patient’s diagnosis to a credit agency. They can say, in effect, ‘By the way, Joan Smith has a brain tumor; don’t lend her any money.'”

Does that put it in perspective to the blind, deaf, stupid people of this country who live their lives with bags over their heads or heads in the sand so they won’t see reality?

The legislation would allow medical information held by insurance companies to be released for a variety of purposes: for determining charges for premiums and for research projects of any kind, both medical and nonmedical. Credit card companies and banks would have free rein with the information and there are no restrictions whatsoever as to how they could use it. There is no distinction between disclosures of debts and payments and disclosures of diagnoses or treatments. Jeff Crowley of the Consortium of Citizens With Disabilities, a nonprofit group in Washington D.C. said “If a credit agency or broker receives information from an insurer, there are no limits on how they may use it … Once released, the recipient may send the information to newspapers, mortgage bankers, divorce lawyers,”

It is absolutely shocking that our government gets away with these things. What they did was tie this disclosure law into a bill that overhauls various banking laws. Whoppee! As far as I can tell there are no banking laws in this country – banks do whatever they please and have to answer to no one. Banks charge what they want; banks allow the state to come along and remove money from your account while you’re still living just because you haven’t made a deposit in a while. Accountability? There is none.

We all sit around, read the papers and think “No, that can’t possibly be happening, our officials wouldn’t let that happen. It’s unconstitutional.” Well, it is happening and we’re to blame for letting these criminals get away with it.

The only bills Congress should be working on are bills that secure, without a shadow of a doubt, the private financial, medical and personal information related to its citizens. Until it does that, Congress has no right to function in a free society.

Independence Day? What a sickening joke!