Food & Drug Administration, USDA, EPA Fraud – Case 239


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The Food & Drug Administration, USDA, EPA

Fraud & Deceit
Ecological Mayhem
Conspiracy to Harm Humans & Wildlife

From Ronald Reagan and George Bush to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, the US government has aggressively promoted biotechnology around the world. Financed by industry funds, advised by industry scientists, encouraged by promises of great economic gains for our country, the US government has pushed this technology through a minimal regulatory system, ignoring not only the warnings of independent scientists and the outrage of farmers and consumers, but also the concerns of its own agency scientists and physicians.

The claim that biotechnology products are extensively researched and reviewed and have rigorous government oversight is a reckless and misleading myth. The FDA, the US Department of Agriculture and the so-called Environmental Protection Agency have duped the public.

NOTE: No one’s talking at the US government agencies.

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