The FDA and It’s Big Business Dupes

(Information courtesy of Safe Foods)

Why is the FDA willing to put Americans at risk by pushing genetically engineered foods on a unsuspecting population? It’s because the FDA, the USDA (drug administration) and big business go hand in hand. Just take a look at the revolving door at our government agencies and the companies that support GE. It’s a disgrace.

* USDA Secretary Dan Glickman – worked for a law firm that represented Monsanto prior to his appointment to President Clinton’s cabinet.
* Michael Taylor – was a Monsanto lawyer before he was appointed FDA deputy commissioner for policy. After Taylor helped draft the FDA’s 1992 policy on GE food and rBGH, he returned to corporate life and became Monsanto’s vice president for public policy.
* Margaret Miller – a former laboratory supervisor for Monsanto who helped rBGH for the company, became the deputy directory of Human Food Safety and Consultative Services at the FDA, and helped streamline FDA approval for rBGH.
* Micky Kantor – President Clinton’s former personal attorney, Commerce Secretary and US trade representative has been on Monsanto’s board of directors since 1997.
* Michael A. Friedman, MD – former acting FDA commissioner who became senior vice-president of clinical affairs for Monsanto’s pharmaceutical division, G.D. Searle.
* Linda J. Fisher – former assistant administrator of the EPA’s Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances, then became vice president of federal government affairs for Monsanto.

Do you really think you can trust our government to provide safe food when its hands are buried deeply inside corporate America’s (Monsanto) lucrative pockets? Hell NO!