Wim Dankbaar – Convicted Criminal – Case 49

Conspiracy – Conspiracy to Commit Fraud
Harassment – Deceit – Stalking
Malicious Libel – Slander – Email Spam
Misuse of Free Websites
Abuse of Internet Systems
Extortion – Blackmail

NOTE: Mr. Dankbaar and his attorneys were contacted numerous times to remove the lies on his website and he has refused. Please read our DISCLAIMER before continuing.

Wim Dankbaar is a JFK murder conspiracy theorist from the Netherlands, who through his fraudulent JFK Murder website and on numerous blogs and forums throughout the Internet, promotes the sale of his books and DVDs, thus perpetuating a known FRAUD.

He libels individuals who dispute his contention that James Files was the sole assassin. Dankbaar has also libeled the former company of an individual with whom he’s had a personal dispute and he has engaged in a malicious email campaign and blackmail attempts to harass and destroy the personal credibility of all associated with him.

Wim Dankbaar has defamed and threatened two award winning investigative journalists, one in his home country (Peter r. de Vries) and one in the United States (Judd McIlvain). Mr. Dankbaar has been arrested and jailed in the Netherlands for computer crimes, theft and threatening/defaming/harassing three police officers and their families.

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Guilty – 23,837 Votes Not Guilty – 18 Votes

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