Wim Dankbaar Arrested and Jailed

Dankbaar Arrested & Jailed for Conspiracy, Email Theft Against Dutch Crime Reporter

February 2007, Wim Dankbaar, the JFK assassination conspiracist was arrested and jailed and his computers confiscated in a case of invasion of privacy and theft against Dutch crime reporter Peter R. De Vries.   Police engaged in a two hour search of Dankbaar’s residence and came away with several computers, files and DVDs.

Dankbaar is the man who regularly posts defamatory statements all over the internet against his detractors and has the gall to accuse others of “stealing” from him.  Mr. De Vries was actually Dankbaar’s business partner at the time and the two had been together in the United States collaborating on a film project about the JFK assassination which Mr. De Vries was to heavily promote as a favor to Dankbaar.  Wim returned the favor by stealing De Vries email account password, reading his emails and then forwarding them to third parties, including a competing crime journalist.

Mr. Dankbaar has freely admitted his appalling tactics against his own business partner.  Not only did he forward emails related to a murder case that De Vries was investigating for his popular crime show in the Netherlands, but Dankbaar invaded De Vries’ private life by forwarding “SEX EMAILS” also to third parties that he had discovered in De Vries’ email account.

Wim Dankbaar was also charged with deception, fraud and conspiracy related to the email hacking.

Miljonair ontfutselt wachtwoord Peter R. de Vries | B R I G H T
8 feb 2007 … Miljonair Wim Dankbaar heeft stiekem de mail van misdaadverslaggever Peter R. de Vries gelezen.

In November 2009, Dankbaar enlisted the aid of two mentally disturbed people from Battle Creek, Michigan to help in his online defamation of people he hates.  It apprears that the true con man, cross border scammer, extortionist/blackmailer and thief is Dankbaar himself.

If Dankbaar will casually invade the privacy and deliberately steal from a friend and business partner, it’s no wonder that he is so hell bent to destroy people he deems to be “enemies”.  He is the man whom his groupies call a trusted friend, mentor and supporter.

The Dutchman’s actions prove that he will do absolutely anything to further his various causes. The 2007 crime is not the only time he engaged in illegal actions against an investigative reporter.  He and his groupies have blackmailed, defamed and threatened American investigative reporter Judd McIlvain.