U.S. Social Security Administration – Case 301


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U.S. Social Security Administration


My name is Joyce Hartman and I have suffered at the hands of the Social Security Administration for many years now. I pray that one day someone, somewhere will have the money and the bravery to take on the terrible “system” that prevails in government agencies. Thank you for printing my account.

NOTE: The Social Security Administration was contacted regarding this case and choose to remain silent.

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Social Security Administrtion:
The Injustices of Government Bureaucracies
Joyce Hartman

Government, compared to private citizens, (unless you’re Bill
Gates, or Ross Perot) have unlimited money and power. As opposed to the concept of being “innocent” until proven “guilty” — Outfits like the IRS assume you’re guilty until you prove to them, and/or in a court of law, that you’re completely innocent of whatever they’ve decided to charge you with.

Even the Social Security Administration seems to turn a “deaf ear” to the little people, while granting SSI (Social Security Disability Insurance) to the nearly healthy patients of “crooked doctors” who know exactly which “t’s” to cross, and which “i’s” to dot.

I have a seizure disorder and the medication to control it causes fatigue and some memory loss, keeping me from being able to hold a job. I have been trying to pay, out of my own pocket, the cost of trying to sue the Social Security Administration, in Federal Court, because they didn’t follow their own rules according to a former Judge at my “hearing”. This is not JUSTICE, this is the arbitrary power of government at work!

I believe that everyone has seen a number of stories like this, on the newsmagazines “60 Minutes” or “20/20” — I know of people who are forced to wait two, three, or four years or more to finally settle their claims, and even though the Social Security Administration pays you the “back payments” from the time you filed, many people without resources, “give up” during the slow grinding process. The faceless bureaucrats “lose” your paperwork, and you have to resubmit it; they have a “rule book” that they interpret almost as they please.

If you don’t have legal representation from a law firm that specializes in SSI cases, you have little or no chance to win your claim against this government agency. In one case, a woman with MS in her legs, was granted the disability payments in only SIX MONTHS, probably because the doctor she went to at UCLA, who wrote up her diagnosis, was in the top three doctors in that disease for the entire country.

The SSA may point to those rare cases, as examples, but the truth of the matter is that their “normal” method of operation, is to slowly grind the people down with long delays, and allow most of them to quit the process out of frustration.

Again, if you do not have legal representation, it is almost impossible to have them do the right thing. Even with a case that has merit, they delay, drag-out, and use the always popular…”We’re sorry, we can’t find your paperwork, please resubmit everything, (medical records, etc.) enclosed are the new blank forms, blah, blah, blah and on and on..” The SSA is very subtle, very large uncaring “Monster” that grinds people underfoot, without thought and without seeming to care!

When I hear government officials asking for my support during elections, I can’t help but laugh. Where are they when I need help? Creating ever newer, ever bigger, more uncaring, idiotic bureaucracies that we all have to suffer with!

Thanks for listening. If there are any government officials out there reading this, please do something before the snowball gets so big it just rolls right over you too!