Unhappy Homeowners

Comments from unhappy homeowners have begun to come in. The refrain is quite the same — IndyMac/OneWest Bank sucks.  The banking industry, in general, sucks and the Obama Mortgage Refinancing Plan (HOPE) is a big-time sham because the industry has no incentive to change.


Deutsche is a scumbag fraud organization that operates in this country for who knows what reason.  It’s currently reorganizing so it can skirt government regulations with the Dodd-Frank bill.  The bank has been named the biggest slumlord in a whole bunch of cities because of the way it handles the properties it forecloses on.  Sorry, but these guys should all be shipped off to the russian front, then shot!

“We have been trying to modify a loan for over 4 months with OneWest bank (Indymac).  First we get the papers saying this will be your payment, then we get a paper saying the other papers have all expired, so send in new ones. Then we get a another modification package saying everything is under review. One Customer Service rep says one thing, then the other one says something completely different.  Either these people just don’t know what they’re doing, or else the whole thing is a big cover-up.  This stimulus was supposed to help those who need the help to stay in their home.”

“Thank you for posting this information on your website.  Maybe some of these kinds of horror stories will reach the ears of Washington, although I am sorry to say, I really don’t think anyone really cares.  Such bank abuses have been going on a long time.  This is the first case I’ve heard about that involved physical threats, abuse, attempted robbery, though.  I’ve had dealings with Onewest Bank for mortgages, and I can tell you they are disreputable.  My mortgage modification seems to be in eternal limbo and I’m positive that no matter what I try to do, I will soon be out in the street.  Obama’s decree is just another sham.” — ML

“My husband and I have an Indymac (now OneWest) mortgage loan ($500,000). Got our loan from Quicken in 2007- interest only @ 5.75% . At the time I was working, but after our 3rd baby in ‘07 I lost my job/income. So, now we are struggling and I am trying to get a modification with the worst bank in the world-INDYMAC! My husband started his own business on the side to make some additional income- but it’s slow. Anyway, I call Indymac all the time… same story “in review, call back in a week.” We were told our modification package was received May 17, put into the system, June 17, then later told it was put in June 26, now the 50th person we spoke to last week said we may hear something by August 26th.”

HELP!  I’m losing my house and the stupid asses at OneWest Bank won’t do a damn thing.  I don’t know how much more I can take of this fraud.  I know I’m not the only one hurting but this is so obscene. — BK