Senior Abuse & Illegal Eviction

On May 20, 2009, OneWest Bank (formerly IndyMac Bank) and representatives for Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. (Susan Kline of ReMax of Valencia, Monster Mowers of Lancaster, CA, Field Asset Services, Inc. of Austin, TX) were involved in a case with allegations of illegal trespass, assault and attempted break-in at a house where two senior citizens were living legally. 

The senior couple were legal tenants of a house that had apparently been foreclosed upon by OneWest Bank, even though the bank had not produced a single document to prove that it now owns the house. Additionally, the couple never received legal notice that they were in jeopardy. They were properly paid up with their lease. They received no eviction notice.

One day, Monster Mowers men showed up with trucks saying they were going to trash out the house while threatening to physically remove the lady of the house.

Later, upon investigation, they discovered that it was OneWest Bank/IndyMac that foreclosed on the property and that the bank (along with Deutsche Bank), in conjunction with realtor Susan Kline and Al Taylor, were responsible for sending out the “cleaning crew” robbers to break in, trash out the house and take everything that the senior couple owned and do what they want with it.


The bank did not follow legal foreclosure or eviction proceedings.  What kind of bank or realty company deals with people this way, you might ask? Greedy pigs with no conscience, obviously.

  • Neither OneWest Bank, IndyMac/Deutsche nor Susan Kline took the time to find out if there were any tenants in the house.
  • After being notified of the incident, neither OneWest Bank, IndyMac, Deutsche nor Susan Kline apologized to the couple nor made any attempt at amends for their outrageous actions.
  • Despite repeated requests for information about the “cleaning crew” robbers, neither OneWest Bank, IndyMac nor Deutsche  nor Prudential California Realty, would provide details to the couple even though the Realty company had already admitted that they/the bank had sent the crew.
  • Susan Kline continued her threats to throw the senior citizens, one of whom is a military veteran, into the street, without due process.
  • OneWest Bank/IndyMac/Deutsche has never responded to a single letter or phone call made by the husband.

    Full List of Defendants in the Lawsuit that Followed:  Those who worked on behalf of IndyMac and Deutsche Bank

  • SUSAN KLINE (formerly of Prudential, now of ReMax of Valencia – property manager/realtor-broker hired by IndyMac/Deutsche.
  • MONSTER MOWERS/MATTHEW JAY COHICK/DANIEL COHICK of Palmdale/Lancaster, CA – trash out specialists hired by IndyMac and Field Asset Services.
  • FIELD ASSET SERVICES, Inc. – home “preservation” company that hires locals to break into homes to trash them out; hired by IndyMac/Deutsche.
  • DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST CO. – largest foreclosure specialist in the nation.
  • INDYMAC MORTGAGE SERVICES, Inc. – Deutsche’s mortgage servicing company who initiated the fraudulent foreclosure and eviction.