Schwarzenegger and the I.C.G.

Arnold & Inner City Games Orgamization
Cowering From The lLght of Truth

by Sandra Trejillo

Rather than stepping up to the plate, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Inner City Games has decided to hide the truth under the sand. When it comes to its involvement with the Hollenbeck Youth Center scandal, no one’s talking!

There has been absolutely no response from Mr. Schwarzenegger’s Santa Monica office. The Inner City Games organization has knowingly been allowing Hollenbeck Youth Center and in particular Danny Hernandez as its head to funnel money earmarked for Hollenbeck to the ICG. How is this possible? Danny Hernandez used his connections with good friend Arnold to get his wife Beatrice and daughter Priscilla elected to positions at the ICG. That way, there was no one of importance at Hollenbeck to notice the theft! And what a good joke that was too … the twittering duo are good for nothings; they do nothing constructive in their positions at ICG but play pattycake with celebrities and rake in salaries that Danny Hernandez doesn’t bother to report to the IRS.

And get a load of this … no one’s doing squat about it. Could it be that Arnold’s connections are that solid in the political arena? And what would “the Arnold”, a.k.a. “Mr. kids’ best friend” do if he were actually elected to California’s governorship? Haven’t we had enough of these kinds of political improprieties like we’ve had with Gray Davis? Democratic, Republican … they’re all the same. It’s just a matter of which pocket the money gets hidden in.

So, Mr. Schwarzenegger, instead of hiding or threatening people with million dollar lawsuits, how about stepping up to the plate and explain yourself and your relationship with good buddy Danny Hernandez, Beatrice Hernandez, Priscilla Hernande and Hollenbeck’s money?