Redondo Mortgage Compaint

Reports are trickling in about Mortgage Refinancing fraud involving OneWest Bank.  Here’s one from Redondo Beach, California that is representative of the kind of scam this bank is running.

I had a mortgage with Indymac bank and have paid on time. I did not have an impound account set up to pay the property taxes. I live in Los Angeles county and our property taxes are outrageously high but I have managed to pay them timely. However I got behind this year as a lot of homeowners in LA County. I called the Tax Assessor and worked out a payment plan and was told by the Assessor’s office that ‘don’t worry about us trying to auction off your home, we don’t do that unless you are way, way behind–like 5 years’.

Long story short, One west bank took over Indy mac and re-did my loan. They took it upon themselves to pay the outstanding tax bill, tack it onto my loan and increase my monthly payment from $2200 a month to $4400 saying that my escrow account was in the negative by $11,000!!!! My taxes were only $3700 WTF???

I called One West Bank–no help at all. I can’t get past the main customer Service unit and had to deal with a condscending rep. who was immediately hostile.

This doesn’t sound legal at all. They are saying that my escrow account has a deficit of $11,000 when I NEVER had an escrow account with this mortgage. They seem to be basing the deficit going back to the inception of the loan.

Rebecca — Redondo Beach, California
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