Monty Roberts: The Horse Roarer


Marjorie Hansen

Say what you will about Sir Monty Roberts (I am sure that he believes he deserves, at the least, a knighting by her majesty).

In reality, he is a self- repackaged violent horse “trainer”. His verified past speaks for itself, both in print & by eye witnesses. Some of his so called observations about the “wild” horse are pure poppycock.

The “silent” language of the horse to avoid predators? Give me a break. Doesn’t he realize how naturally noisy the equine is?

For one, the noise made by just walking or even faster movement? Those 4 flint like hooves while traveling over rough ground, not only makes noise, in large groups, it can sound like muffled thunder, and can be felt under foot. Horses blow their foot long noses frequently and loudly. When startled, a horse can put out a “methane emission” that can be heard 100 feet away. They drop manure from a height of 3 plus feet that can be heard when it hits the ground, and then immediately smelled. It also leaves an unmistakable trail as to their present whereabouts and direction of travel. It is very plentiful with 12 to 16 bowel movements occurring every 24 hours.

A stone deaf predator could locate them in the dark, for heaven’s sake. When any members of the herd get into a disagreement, they are vocally noisy. They do incorporate body language into their communicating skills, but to say they are “silent” is ludicrous. An equine behaviorist, Monty is NOT. In fact, he shoots himself in the foot regularly with some of his off the wall stupid statements. He sounds like his study of “equus” took place between the pages of Will James’ Cowboy fiction, and while looking between the boards of the Salinas Rodeo grounds rough stock pens.

I do hope that the unaware followers of Monty Roberts soon wake up to the fact that they may very well have spent a lot of their hard earned dollars for nothing but Monty trash.