Monty Roberts: Horse Whispers & Lies: Book Unveiled

Debbie Ristau & Joyce Renebome

HORSE WHISPERS & LIES was unveiled in Salinas, California on July 15, opening day of the eighty-eighth annual California Rodeo. Debra Ann Ristau and Joyce Renebome met again with some of the two hundred people who contributed to telling the story of Marvin and Marguerite Roberts. The book sold well during the four days of the rodeo and early response from readers is extremely positive.

“It’s a wonderful book. I loved it!” Phyllis Rose

THE NATIONAL STEINBECK CENTER received an additional $2,500 from the friends and family of Marvin and Marguerite Roberts toward maintenance of the RED PONY STALL EXHIBIT that is dedicated to them. The money was raised through an auction, book sales, and donations of those in attendance when HORSE WHISPERS & LIES was released.

WESTERN INTERNATIONAL in Sparks, NV is ready to fill wholesale orders to retailers. Call Lisa or James @ (775) 359-4400.

THE AMERICAN BROADCASTING COMPANY’s (ABC) popular weekly investigative news television show 20/20 (with Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs) has been taping interviews all week with individuals quoted in HORSE WHISPERS & LIES, including Monty. The segment is scheduled for September. Watch this site for dates.

HORSE & RIDER: Monty’s lawsuit against Horse & Ride magazine and writer, Ronna Snyder, for an article that appeared in the February 1999 issue, continues. We urge you to e-mail your support to HORSE & RIDER and Ronna, for doing the RIGHT thing. Monty¹s plan seems to be to force them into bankruptcy, or giving up, as he legally finds ways to delay. Without paying anything to Monty, the defense of innocence is already costing considerable sums. You can reach HORSE & RIDER @ You can reach Ronna Snyder @ We feel strongly that if they can hang in there until the 20/20 show, they will be hailed as heroes and embraced for daring to do the RIGHT thing.

A MESSAGE TO MONTY: A report in the San Francisco Examiner, Monday, July 19, by Eric Brazil, said your relatives were “boiling mad over [The Man Who Listens to Horses] claims that [your] father was a child abuser, killer, racist and cruel to horses.” We feel it is important to note here that your relatives are NOT “boiling mad.” Your relatives were ­ and continue to be ­ appalled, shocked, deeply saddened, and burdened by the knowledge that you have succumbed to such evil.