Monty Roberts Techniques Are Useless

When No Training is “Horse Training”
According to Monty:  He Indicates His Training Methods are Useless!

by John Dolan

Monty Roberts has indicated that his training techniques are no better than anyone else’s and that any normal horse being trained using his techniques can kill you just as easily as a horse that had been trained by anyone else or even if the horse had received no training at all.

But that’s not surprising since Monty Roberts also believes that merely walking a horse around a park-like setting constitutes an active training method. That’s a little like saying the family dog who goes for walks in the park should suddenly and magically be able to sniff out explosives for the police or to perfectly traverse an obstacle course.

Additionally, Monty Roberts and his representatives have indicated that unless a horse can somehow be declared indisputably “perfect” that no amount of training can render the horse safe, reliable or even useable within the commonly understood definitions of those terms with respect to horses. And by extension, there can be no guarantees that a horse, unless it has been declared indisputably “perfect”, will ever act in a reasonably safe or reliable manner.

These are the contentions that Monty Roberts and his representatives recently relied upon in presenting their defense in a lawsuit against him for fraud and breach of contract.

The trial was forced into an untimely conclusion after the court in Monty Roberts’ home district prejudiced the jury against the plaintiffs during the first day of testimony.