Monty Roberts Teams With Slick Liar

Dazzling Duo Works to Dupe American Educational System


I found your website accidentally while researching someone else. I’m a public school teacher in Texas. Two years ago I had a very disturbing incident happen to me that involved a man named M.B. “Flip” Flippen. He claims to be a “pychotherapist” with the miracle cure for the education profession. Many Texas school districts have paid thousands and thousands of dollars for this man’s workshops. I was forced to attend one of his 3-day workshops in Central Texas. This man was abusive, psychologically manipulating and an obsessive liar. His whole “theory” was based on the assumption that teachers and administrators don’t want to have “good” relationships with their students, so students don’t want to learn. His “model” is based on non-threatening, non-violent, control. He was abusive and threatening throughout the entire 3 days! The scary part is that Mr. Flippen and Monty Roberts have paired up and are presenting together for the National Association for Elementary Principals and other well financed arenas in the Public Education Field. Mr. Flippen also has a non-profit organization, of which I shudder to inquire about. Roberts and he flaunt their “miracle” handling of horses and people by actually bringing a horse on stage and demonstrating! Mr. Flippen was physically threatening to me when I was so obviously not buying his methods and self-proclaimed expertise. I’m sick when I think of the money spent on this garbage instead of in the classrooms and for the students in many districts across my state. Do you have any other information on Mr. Flippen and his relationship with Mr. Roberts?

Thank you,
C.Horne M.Ed.

P.S. I’ve also e-mailed the NAESP and asked them to reconsider their booking of these two men. Many teachers feel as I do and experienced what I did and know that Flippen is a fake, but have been intimidated by their administrators and some peers into accepting this man’s hubris and “philosophy” because he mixes some truth with loads of lies and works on emotions and feelings and the fears of many in public education since the Columbine tragedy. I’ve taken a lot of heat from my school district for speaking out against him as there are principals here that “love” him. He has made thousands of dollars off of my little school district. He claims to be a psychotherapist, however, all the credentials I’ve ever found on him are a Texas licensed family counselor, which is not that difficult to acquire. He also claimed to be a psychiatrist at the training session but demurred when asked about his credentials. He is an amazing bully, and as slick as they come as far as marketing and he has people who work for him that are just as bad. The educational community, especially the principals’ organizations have bought into this scam duo. I am a little afraid of having my letter posted as I know that Flippen is influential in some circles and my job could be targeted.