Monty Roberts Takes Money From Tortured Horses


by John Dolan

The “man who listens to horses” must have gone deaf if he can’t hear the anguished cries of some 75,000 tortured pregnant mares and their murdered foals. More likely, he’s unwilling to let their cries get in the way of a lucrative sponsorship. When money talks, Monty does listen.

So, once again, Monty Roberts forgoes ethics for the sake of a few bucks and his face in the horse magazines beside Fort Dodge’s Quest Gel wormer – his trusted sponsor. But this time, he’s talking out of both sides of his mouth. Monty’s “be kind to horses” message apparently got lost somewhere between his own ears and that of American Home Products, the owner of Fort Dodge and Wyeth-Ayerst, the manufacturer of Premarin.

Premarin is America’s most widely prescribed drug for hormone replacement therapy. It is used by millions of women worldwide. It’s secret ingredient: pregnant mares’ urine (PMU). It’s collected from roughly 75,000 abused mares confined in tiny stalls at Wyeth-Ayerst-approved PMU farms in North Dakota and in Canada. The horses are stuck in these stalls for six-months at a time, get no exercise, are deprived water and proper medical care and their foals are usually murdered.

How come Monty Roberts isn’t running to their defense, holding fundraisers for them? How come Monty Roberts isn’t holding corporate training seminars at his Flag Is Up Farms to teach the corporate pigs that it’s not nice to abuse horses? How come Monty Roberts has remained silent about this obvious and extensive abuse? There’s a very good answer to these questions. It’s because he’s a hypocrite and because money remains the God that Monty most worships.

Shame on Monty Roberts and his “family of companies” that supports horse torture!

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