Monty Roberts Suppresses Evidence

Monty Weasels His Way Through the Legal Process

by John Dolan

Monty Roberts and his attorney are so afraid of what plaintiffs in a case against him might say in open court that they are trying to suppress just about every kind of testimony and evidence that plaintiffs have in store for him.

Monty Roberts is being sued for fraud and breach of contract. The highlight of Mr. Roberts’ motion is to keep the jurors from knowing that a horse under Mr. Roberts’ direct care for training nearly trampled one of its owners to death shortly upon return home from Monty Roberts’ flagship facility called Flag is Up Farms. After Mr. Roberts and several of his representatives admitted that they had never provided the promised training, the victims sued him.

Among other things they are trying to suppress are:
1. He doesn’t want the jury to hear opinion testimony by the plaintiffs.
2. He doesn’t want the presentation of evidence that other lawsuits have been filed against Monty Roberts also for fraud among other charges.
3. He doesn’t want the jury to know that Monty Roberts recorded telephone conversations with the plaintiffs while he was trying to charge them with extortion.
4. He doesn’t want the jury to know how much computer work the plaintiffs did for Monty Roberts as part of a barter arrangement they had to get proper training for their horse.
5. He doesn’t want anybody to say anything that would attack the credibility of Monty Roberts like the fact that there has been an entire book called “Horse Whispers & Lies” that successfully calls into question much of what Monty Roberts has relied upon for his reputation.
6. He doesn’t want the jury to know that there are websites devoted to telling the public the truth about Monty Roberts.

In short, Monty Roberts and his attorney don’t want to engage in a fair trial.