Monty Roberts & Smoking Gun

by John Dolan

How nice of The Smoking Gun website to reveal the mendacity behind Thomas Frey’s bestselling book “A Million Little Pieces” and how nice that Oprah Winfrey, who originally stood by Frey, took him to task for creating a fictional “nonfiction” (January 2006) no matter how “inspired” she may have been by Frey’s crapola.

It looks like The Smoking Gun revelation is causing yet another author some consternation, none other than Monty Roberts (the Horse Bullshitter) himself.

Monty, all huffy and puffy, has renewed his harassment and threat campaign against his own relatives who produced the book “Horse Whispers and Lies“, which is the true story of Monty and his parents and various events in their lives. Monty’s terrified they will follow through with their intentions to alert The Smoking Gun to another “pretender”, one a whole lot bigger than Frey but equally unsavory. He’s worried about how it will impact his Rolex lifestyle.

But will the world listen? Will all those “inspired” horsepeople (and others) finally wake up and smell the manure that’s been coating their brains all these years? Will the Queen of England shuffle Monty off to manure patrol in one of her barns, preferably one in Northern Ireland? Will Mr. Monty’s dog and pony show finally come to an end? Let’s hope so. Monty’s horseshit has been in the limelight way too long and frankly it stinks a lot more than Frey’s.