Monty Roberts & Schools


August 1, 2001
1615 Duke St.
Alexandria, VA 22314

To Whom it May Concern:
I was directed to your website by an elementary school teacher in TX who asked for help. I’m certain you had every good intention when you opted to profile Monty Roberts and Flip Flippen at your conference. However, someone didn’t do their homework. You are making a huge mistake and it will be the children of TX who will suffer the consequences.

Monty Roberts spent time in jail for fraud. Random House dropped him as a client when they learned the truth about this man who is not at all what he purports himself to be. I am sending 3 copies of a non-fiction book titled “Horse Whispers & Lies”, Veracity Books, 1999, to the address on your site. I am also sending copies of this book to Laura Bush, the Texas State Dept. of Education, and to the superintendents and board members of several Texas School Boards.

We are aware that the AASA profiled Roberts and Flippen two years ago, but were led to believe the AASA discontinued their support of these two after learning the truth. Perhaps we were mistaken.

We have no knowledge of Flippen and can neither endorse, nor judge the psycotherapy he wants to use on children. We only know if he is associated with Monty Roberts, he does not use good judgement.

At any rate, please, please do your homework. Check the Citizens for Justice Website at and also check the Santa Barbara County Court Records for documentation regarding Roberts arrest on no less than 14 counts of fraud. He is managing to distance himself from this fiasco and says he was set up, however, he pleaded nolo contendre to the charges and if you simply ask his neighbors, his former employers, or most any respectable horse trainer (not one of his protege’s) in the world, you will learn that he is neither respected nor liked. The 47 foster children he describes were mostly young people he paid low wages and housed in a bunk house who rode horses and cleaned stalls.

Please watch your mail for Horse Whispers and Lies. Do your homework. I KNOW you must have integrity and the welfare of the children at heart. Do not allow these men to be part of our education system. Our world will pay the price.

Debra Ann Ristau
co-author, Horse Whispers & Lies