Monty Roberts: School Protest


A new effort to slow down Monty Roberts’ rampant publicity train is underway.

The Citizens for Justice website is joining anti-Monty protestors in trying to curtail the opening of a new Monty Roberts Horse Training Center in New Zealand by making people there aware of the huge controversy that surrounds the man who likens himself to a real- life horse whisperer. Even if he is successful in getting it opened, protestors are hopeful that New Zealanders will think twice about studying there.

Spearheding the effort are the two most recent victims of Monty Roberts’ fraud (one that nearly got a woman killed) who are presently engaged in a lawsuit against him. They said Monty Roberts should not continue to be rewarded for defrauding people with his laughable book.

New Zealanders will soon get to read for themselves Monty Roberts’ fabrications since the book “Horse Whispers & Lies” by Debra Ann Ristau and Joyce Renebome will soon be hitting their bookstores.

The massive campaign will include contacting all media outlets in advance of Monty Roberts’ live demonstrations in cities in the US and around the world. The protestors said they want Monty Roberts to know that he’s going to have to keep looking over his shoulder for people who are on to him.