Monty Roberts Quest Wormer Warning

by John Dolan

Monty Roberts sure knows how to pick them. You may have already heard that Fort Dodge (his leading sponsor) and the makers of Quest wormer are allegedly in deep manure over creating a faulty product that has killed a number of horses through overdosing. They’re supposedly repackaging their syringe to prevent unwary owners from making the same mistake that others have made.

Well now they’ve got something else to worry about. It seems the pharmaceutical giant has also created a kitten vaccine that instead of protecting felines from diseases, kills them off litter by litter.

Over one dozen kittens were decimated in the past week by the vaccine when it was administered by professionals at a Los Angeles animal rescue. Additional deaths at other locations are being investigated. So, if you take your kitten to a vet’s office or other place to get it vaccinated, make sure they’re not doling out vaccines by Fort Dodge.