Monty Roberts Propaganda Machine


John Dolan

ABC’S 20/20 backed off doing a story about renowned horse trainer Monty Roberts after he invited the producers to his ranch for a nice dinner and a personal propaganda session. NBC’s Dateline isn’t interested in following the story about him that they broke in 1997. Apparently the heavy controversy that’s swirling about Monty Roberts isn’t as good a story in their view as the one Monty himself tells the public through his public relations machine.

The newspapers seem reluctant to print anything and the Sunday Times of London pretty much tip-toed through the facts in its recent publication that people who personally know Monty Roberts call him a liar and a fraud. Multiple lawsuits against him back those charges.

His books are published by Random House and Harper Collins. He is known as the horse trainer who impressed the Queen of England. Although his message of non-cruelty to horses is an excellent one, the people who know him, know of his past which did, in fact, involve abuses to human and beast.His charges of parental abuse as a boy have been completely disputed, even by his own brother who has called him a “bald-faced liar”.

The truth may die because of the age of many of the people who know him. That’s what Monty Roberts is counting on. There’s a lawsuit against him for animal abuse, people know that his famed book/video Shyboy was a complete hoax. Monty Roberts does not deserve fame and fortune at the expense of TRUTH.