Monty Roberts & Magazine Ad


Now with the advertisement in the April Horse & Rider Magazine, Monty Roberts has really stepped out of his bounds. He is clearly insane to think that people from his past do not remember the “REAL” man behind the B.S.

For someone who has been rumored for years to be a horse, wife & child abuser (beater) he has really asked for “it” this time! (By the way, the black eyes & bruises he’s given to family members have been seen and remembered by a good number of people.)

His April Horse & Rider full page ad (p. 91) congratulating himself as a model for personal & parenting relationships through “Join Up” with gentle persuasion is absolutely nauseating.

Is he trying to purge himself of his past? Hey, Monty: Remember the “Mule Race” in the early 1970’s at the Vistadores ride and old Elmer Hepler? Lots of people do.

Was it gentle persuasion when you hit the old man & his mule so he wouldn’t beat you at the finish line?

What in the world gives you the right to claim to be a teacher of non violent training techniques, be it equine or human kind? Shame on you. If you have just a vestige of honesty left, come clean for once, If for no other reason, for your parent’s sake, and stop your idiotic untrue postulating.

From one of the many who know the “real Monty”