Monty Roberts Joins Up with Lousy Insurer

John Dolan

Golden Eagle Insurance Corporation (owned by Liberty Mutual Insurance) was taken over by the California Department of Insurance last year due to questionable business practices such as being under-reserved to the tune of $138.5 million. In fact, the company’s founder, John Mabee, was even barred from the insurance business in California because of his improprieties.

What does any of this have to do with the Monty Roberts horse training mega-franchise? Well, if you’re a negligent horse trainer whose techniques or rather a lack of them result in the serious injury to a horse and a horse owner, then, what better way to avoid a claim against your organization than be represented by an insurance company whose past history shouts: ‘we don’t have to follow the rules.’

So, how hard did the Organization that Listens to Horses – well, listen to their human counterparts? Apparently, it didn’t. Because, Monty Roberts is now in the midst of two lawsuits for fraud, deceit, negligence as well as a slew of other charges.

As they say “Business is Business” and the business of Monty Roberts’ franchise has continued without so much as a hiccup and the insurance company surely isn’t losing any sleep over the lawsuits against their famous client either. Better for them not to pay – that way they’ll have more in their reserves the next time the State’s insurance department comes calling.