Monty Roberts: October Newsleter-Horse Whisperer Fraud

October Newsletter from “Horse Whispers & Lies” — THE FIRST EDITIONS ARE ALMOST GONE! On the market for only two months, sales are steady and the 3,000 first edition copies of Horse Whispers & Lies will soon be gone. The book is selling well in feed, tack, and western stores throughout the nation with minimal promotion. Feedback from horse people has been extremely positive and a second printing is in the works.

“It’s wonderful book. I loved it!” -Phyllis Rose

“Thank you for the book. It took courage to write and I wish you the best.” -Bo Derek

“I especially liked the excerpts from The Man Who Listens to Horses, followed by a narrative and interviews with so many different people. It’s a great book.” -Hank Healy

“For thirty years I have lived with the tormenting memory of Monty Robert’s involvement with the Harcourt family. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful book.” -Donna Harcourt

WESTERN INTERNATIONAL, wholesaler to western retail markets, reports strong sales for Fall and anticipates increased demand through Winter as consumers become aware of the controversy. Retailers can order from Western International by calling 1-800-634-6737 or 1-775-4400.

20/20 completed taping. However, a time slot for the segment about Horse Whispers & Lies has not been scheduled. A notice will be posted here when we have a confirmed date and time. The delays are frustrating, but we’re told they are common.

HORSE & RIDER: Monty’s $10 million lawsuit against Ronna Snyder, Horse & Rider Magazine, and Primedia continues. Trial is scheduled for November 9, in Los Angeles.

DOCUMENTATION: We received an e-mail from a reader who expressed doubt as to the validity and the strength of our documentation because it was not all included in Horse Whispers & Lies.

1. Our documentation (along with duplicates and triplicates in hidden locations) is kept under lock and key. In total, it weighs about 50 pounds and takes up the equivalent space of two large filing cabinets. Checked and cross-checked, it’s all there. For every statement made in Horse Whispers & Lies by an individual or by the authors – there is something or someone to back it up.

2. We’ve been called foolhardy for standing up to Monty. We’ve been called brave for standing up to Monty. Whether foolhardy or brave – we are not stupid. We did not print anything adverse about Monty Roberts that we cannot prove beyond a shadow of doubt in a court of law.

RESPONSE TO MONTY’S WEBSITE: According to Monty Roberts, his relatives are in denial and trying to protect the family name and keep a tradition of violence hidden from the public. Monty’s website response includes statements from:

-Gilbert Lucero
Numerous eyewitnesses provide sworn testimony that Monty almost killed Gilbert in a fit of rage when they were teenagers. (Horse Whispers & Lies, p. 139)

-Dawn Beatty
None of the 200+ people involved in the lives of the Roberts family from 1933-1985, who were interviewed, can remember anyone named Dawn. Monty quotes this person as a credible witness to Marvin’s cruelty toward horses.

-Leon Harrel
This horse trainer from Texas recounts Monty’s impressive show record. No one argues that Monty is not a good showman. In fact, we believe Monty to be an outstanding showman. However, Harrel states, “I know Monty’s book was written from his true experience . . .” Harrel did not grow up near Monty and there is no possible way for him to “know” that Monty wrote from a true experience.

-Marjorie Burden
Monty’s mother-in-law may have learned, as we did, that her daughter Pat, often and mysteriously suffered black eyes, unexplained bruises, and other odd injuries during her 45+ year marriage to Monty. We have been told by numerous sources that his children, especially Lori, suffered the same ailments.

-Merv Leckbee
This man claims to have lived in Salinas and spent time at the rodeo grounds from 1948-1956. He says he witnessed Marvin’s cruel treatment of horses. None of the people who spent the majority of their lives at the rodeo grounds during those years recall Merv Leckbee. His name was found only in one local junior rodeo event in the early nineteen-fifties.

-Donald Roberts
Donald was asked by Monty to sign a letter. He signed the letter. Donald tearfully told his family on July 20th that Monty called and reminded him that he [Donald] was fortunate to have a relative such as Monty who was in a financial position to help him with medical expenses due to his recent stroke.

-Dr. Robert Miller, DVM
This man received national attention and recognition for his role in Monty’s BBC documentary about “Shy Boy” the mustang. Dr. Miller’s income appears to be derived from the sale of his own video tapes and books directed toward the equine industry. Dr. Miller enjoyed a marked increase in popularity and sales since his involvement with Monty Roberts.

September 26-27: Reno, NV -Reno Western Wholesale Market
Sept 26 – Oct 3: Reno, NV -Snaffle Bit Futurity
October: Nationally televised -20/20
October: Denver, CO -Talk Radio
November 9: Los Angeles, CA -Roberts vs. Horse & Rider, et al. – Trial Date
March 28,2000: L.A. CA Bartell & Marin vs. Monty Roberts – Trial Date