Monty Roberts Exposed in Horse & Rider Magazine

Carole Wingate

When is a man worth more than his word? In the case of horse trainer Monty Roberts, the man is indeed worth more than his word – mucho bucks more – a whole financial empire more.

His word, on the other hand, seems to have gone the route of horse manure in the rain. Only little bits of grain left laying on the ground, while the rest of the shit just washes away, polluting everything that lays in its path.

To some family members and associates, Monty Roberts has indeed polluted everything that lay in his path: he’s destroyed the memory of this parents, he’s lied about the horsemanship honors of his own brother Larry, he’s lied about numerous and various exploits in his own life and in so doing, he has perpetrated a gigantic hoax on an unwitting public.

As for the public. There are those who are highly incensed. Then there are those who forgive and forget all in the name of the Almighty Monty Message: that horses shouldn’t be abused…as if no other horse trainer in the history of horse training has ever spoken that message before.

If you read the February issue of Horse & Rider Magazine, you will find a well written investigative report filled with researched facts and named quotes. It does much to damage the credibility of Monty Roberts. Except, Monty Roberts is too clever and suave to be affected by it. He’s still laughing all the way to the bank!