Monty Roberts & Liberty Mutual


by John Dolan

Golden Eagle Insurance Corporation, which is owned by Liberty Mutual, repeatedly intimated and harassed a victim of one of their clients’ fraud and negligence.

The victim is involved in a civil lawsuit against Monty Roberts – a reputed horse trainer and the author of the best-selling book “The Man Who Listens to Horses”. Mr. Roberts called in his big guns to fight the victim who suffered extensive injuries when a mustang horse that Roberts was supposed to have trained was sent home after six months at his facility without the promised training. The woman was subsequently trampled by the errant horse. Roberts’ excuse for not training the mustang was that “mustangs can’t be trained”.

Right after the victim filed the lawsuit against Monty Roberts for fraud, breach of contract, negligence and personal injury, lawyers for Golden Eagle Insurance Corporation stepped in, and within days, broke into the victim’s credit file and repeatedly harassed people associated with the file into revealing private information about the victim.

Employees at Golden Eagle, who asked to remain anonymous, said it is “a time honored tradition” for insurance companies to illegally rifle through credit reports and hire slick lawyers and private investigators to “dig up any dirt they can” when fighting a lawsuit. After all, we have to protect our interests and that means money. We’re not in the habit of just doling out money to anyone no matter how ill they are or how much they’ve suffered. Screw them is the attitude here.”

Apparently that’s the attitude condoned by the Department of Insurance who refused to investigate the woman’s claims of invasion of privacy and harassment against Golden Eagle and its lawyer Christopher Holmes of the law offices of James Patrick Zurawski in Orange, California.