Monty Roberts: Open Letter to Quest Wormer

Copy of Letter Sent to Monty’s Sponsor:  Quest/Fort Dodge From Angry Consumer

John Dolan

Fort Dodge, To whom it may concern,

I can’t understand why you don’t investigate your endorsers more carefully. Monty Roberts, in my opinion, is a liar, abuser, & general slimy character. With all of the admirable & respected horsemen in the horse world to choose from, how on earth did you come up with such a scoundrel?

We have about 60 horses to maintain & care for. Quest wormer will not be used on our horses until Monty Roberts is replaced by someone who doesn’t lie or write bios that are laced with horrendous stories that didn’t happen, just to entertain readers for the almighty dollar.

For those of us who have lived near the area where he grew up, he evokes a sense of shame & dishonor every time his name is mentioned.Just the sight of him puts me off.

Do you have any idea what he really did to Shy Boy, the horse pictured in your ad? Go to Citizens for Justice on the internet, case 31, for some appalling information. It may serve to make you reassess your choice of spokesman.

Very Sincerely,
A concerned horse caretaker