Monty Roberts Documentary Expose

by John Dolan

Horse Trainer Monty Roberts is soon to be the subject of a new documentary examining the controversy surrounding his book, “The Man Who Listens to Horses”, and the multiple law suits against him for horse abuse, fraud and negligence.

A victim in one of the lawsuits against Monty Roberts’ is spearheading the project tentatively titled “Horses, Whispers & Lies. He said all the people associated with the project love horses and believe that Monty Roberts’ message of humane treatment in the training of horses is essentially an admirable one. The only problem, according to the group’s leader, is that Monty Roberts is really not the right man to give that message because recent events such as two separate lawsuits against him prove that Monty Roberts is not all that he wants everyone to believe he is, plus people associated with him have come forward and seriously disputed numerous “facts” in Roberts’ book.

Monty Roberts is being sued for abuse and negligence with regard to Big Red Fox, one of his saddle horses during the capture of a wild mustang for British television. The second lawsuit is a result of Monty Roberts’ fraudulent business practices and the blatant non-training of a mustang that was brought to him for behavioral work. A woman was seriously injured as a result.

The project is in the early stages of planning and the filming is expected to begin this Spring.