Monty Roberts: Bushwacked!


by Janey S. Grayson

I just thought that you all should know that Monty Roberts got himself laughed at again at one of his demos in Australia this year. He ran out of the round pen 2x’s when a colt “hooked on” and ran right up to him. The colts ears were up, but Monty didn’t know enough about “horse language” to realize that this colt was just an eager student and meant him no harm.

Monty finally got after the colt with his lunge line and got him to run around the pen. He failed to get any farther with the colt though and because of that he called the colt “untrainable” and recommended putting him down. What an ignorant coward this man is!

Someone (Australian trainer) called out from the gallery that he would put this horse under saddle and ride him at his place if anyone wanted to watch. This man did and he got him ridden successfully in 45 minutes of “no hurry time”.

Evidently, this guy had been training the horse and had ridden him well previously. This time the audience put one over on the “Great Fake”, instead of the other way round. So much for Monty Roberts. We’re hoping he’ll go back to the states and be admired for his b.s. over there or to England where they’ll believe anything, apparently. In Australia, we don’t take too kindly to fraud especially when it comes to horses.