Monty Roberts Bogus Source

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Dominick Dunne’s source for his now infamous implication of Gary Condit in Chandra Levy’s murder has been outed in Manhattan federal court as a lying horse whisperer who isn’t even trusted by his own aunt. New documents, filed yesterday by Condit’s lawyer Lin Wood, name Dunne’s source as Monty Roberts – a Californian who claims he inspired Nicholas Evans’ novel, “The Horse Whisperer,” The Post’s John Lehmann reports. Roberts’ aunt, Joyce Martins Renebaum, wrote her own book describing her nephew as having a “long and notorious history of lying” and Random House won’t touch him with a barge pole, Condit’s court papers say. The dumped congressman is suing Dunne for $11 million for defamation after the Vanity Fair columnist told Laura Ingraham’s radio show that Condit may have been involved in Middle Eastern call-girl parties. Dunne claimed that, according to his then unnamed source who spent time in the Middle East attending to sheiks’ horses, Levy was said to have stumbled into this circle and was kidnapped and dumped out of a plane over the Atlantic. Her body has since been found in a Washington, D.C., park. (info courtesy:, march 14, 2003 posting, a division of The New York Post)

(Posted June 03)