Monty Roberts & Open Letter to Random House

Mr. Peter Olson
President / CEO
Random House, Inc.
201 East 50th Street
New York, NY 10022

Dear Mr. Olson:

This letter is a complaint regarding your publishing of Monty Roberts’ alleged biography “The Man Who Listens to Horses”.

You owe it to the public to publish the counter book “Horse Whispers & Lies”. Please see for information and excerpts that will prove that Monty Roberts lied repeatedly about facts, events and people that he has purported to be the truth.

This Citizens for Justice website is a testament to all those people who bought his book expecting the truth and got fabrictions instead and to all those people who purchased the book on the strength of your promotions of it.

We demand that you recall every last book of his from around the world and re-categorize them as FICTION.

Equally, we demand that you issue a full-price refund to all those requesting one.

There are many people who are justifiably horrified that Random House did knowingly continue to distribute his book as non-fiction even after you were notified that his book contained numerous lies and half-truths. You even condoned Monty Roberts’ actions of editing and re-falsifying European versions of it.

We would very much like to hear how your company is rewriting the rules for what is nonfiction under these very disturbing circumstances. We believe it does not bode well for the public and particularly for our children who will grow up learning that it is okay to lie and if they do it well enough, they may, like Monty Roberts, get a very lucrative contract because of it.

The Staff at Citizens for Justice