Monty Roberts: H&R Lawsuit Update


by Ristau & Renebome

20/20: 20/20 is assessing the possiblity that Monty’s videos were staged. Our investigation to date certainly points in that direction. Public Broadcasting Stations across the country received hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars from donors who naively gave to the stations in order to receive a copy of Monty’s video they believed to be a true documentary film based on the life and experiences of “a real horsewhisperer.” We will immediately post information regarding the 20/20 airing. As of now, we are still waiting.

Horse & Rider Lawsuit: Using his predictable method of operation, Monty Roberts ageed not to pursue Ronna Snyder and Horse & Rider magazine in open court and that both sides should be gagged regarding the settlement. Here is what we know: 1) Both sides are bound not to discuss the terms. 2) The agreement was made AFTER Monty’s attorneys reviewed the overwhelming evidence to support the defendents. 3) As yet, none of the defendents have filed a counter suit against Monty Roberts. Nor have the defendents filed suit against Monty Roberts for malicious prosecution. 4) Joyce Renebome, Debra Ann Ristau, and Larry Roberts believe the defendents were far too generous toward Monty.

“There is no confidence builder like truth, knowledge, documented evidence, a lengthy witness list, and supreme court precedents to back it up. We have everything on our side. We believe Monty sued Ronna to deter us from publishing HW&L. It didn’t work. She had nothing to do with the book and never did.

“If Monty sues us we will see it through. There will be no gags and no settlements on our part. He wrote to us that the ‘gloves were off.’ So be it.” said Debra Ann Ristau

Book Tour: We had a successful mini-tour promoting “Horse Whispers & Lies’ in Central and Southern California. We have almost sold out our first editions. If you want a signed first edition for Christmas, now is the time to order.

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