Monty Roberts – Sued by His Own Book Photographer

When you do a job, it’s not unreasonable to expect to be paid for your work.  But if the work you do is for Monty Roberts, the expectation may soon turn to praying, or in the case of photographer Christopher Dydyk, to suing.  

The talented photographer was forced to take Monty Roberts to court to recover earnings for his photographic work on Monty’s “Shy Boy” book.  Not only did Monty Roberts refuse to pay him, but Monty turned around and sent the guy a bill for $150,000.  What for?

Monty claims he served as some kind of mentor in furthering Mr. Dydyk’s career and demanded that Dydyk recompense him.  Sound farfetched?  You bet.  Apparently even Monty Roberts didn’t think a jury would buy that story.  Monty Roberts ended up settling out of court in favor of Dydyk.