Monsanto Manipulation at the Expense of Everyone

Money buys power and influence.  Monsanto thrives – the rest of humanity is doomed!  Globally, genetic modification taints some 70 percent of the processed foods you find at your corner grocery store.  Monsanto is a big part of the problem, along with a few other companies.

Monsanto Uses Paid Shills:
Sir Richard Doll, a British cancer specialist who died recently, was noted for making the connection between smoking and lung cancer. But for years, he was a paid consultant to  Monsanto, a fact not revealed in his reports. Doll told a commission investigating Monsanto’s Agent Orange that there was NO evidence that the chemical increased risks of cancer and genetic defects.  He kept silent about the fact that at the time he was being paid $1,500 a day by Monsanto to misrepresent the facts.

Monsanto has used similar paid “consultants”, some call them shills, and other dubious techniques to propagandize the safety of genetically modified food, aspartame, and other products, including wrecking the careers of scientists who discover problems with their products.

When Dr. Arpad Pusztai conducted studies showing that rats fed on certain GM potatoes had suffered stunted growth and damage to the immune system, liver, and heart, he was suspended from his job, ordered to hand over all his data, and threatened with legal action if he spoke to anyone on the subject.

How Monsanto Manipulates Thoroughly and Without Conscience

Behind-the-scenes business tactics are being used by Monsanto to poison our foods with genetically modified (GM) replacements.  Monsanto:

1.  Confuses the argument against GM foods by lacing the debate with “science-speak” to muddy any clear representation of the facts before the hazards are ever realized.

2.  Finds “independent” scientists willing to sell the company line, like the late Sir Richard Doll, who was paid handsomely to defend such monstrosities as Agent Orange.

3.  Attacks people like Dr. Arpad Pusztai, who was on the wrong side of the debate according to Monsanto, thus he’s fare game in having his life and your career destroyed as a result of Monsanto’s multi-national influence.