H. Lawrence Webb & The New Home Company – Case 275

The Gassing of Jews
Senior Citizens & Veterans
Destruction of Senior Citizens Homes
Intentional and
Negligent Infliction of Severe Emotional Distress – Conspiracy to Harm Humans & Wildlife.

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Guilty – 41,711 Votes Not Guilty – 56 Votes

NOTE: Mr. H. Lawrence Webb and The New Home Company were contacted numerous times in order to give them the opportunity to address the charges. All the defendants and their representatives have refused.

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Between 2012 snd 2016 a home construction company called The New Home Company operating out of California caused a senior citizen mobile home park to become engulfed in cancer-causing diesel fumes and other harmful elements that also damaged their homes inside and out and their automobiles. Vibrations nearly shook their homes off of their supports and caused the homes to become unbalanced.

The community that The New Home Company was constructing is now called Villa Metro in Valencia, California which was built right across the street from a toxic dump site which was never revealed to the new home buyers.  Once their construction started their activities destroyed animal habitat and natural resources.

After a reporter who is also a military veteran created a site to inform the public about the conditions at Villa Metro and the cruelty that was being inflicted upon the senior citizens, The New Home Company sued one senior couple that resided in the park by saying that they were the ones “disparaging” the company on the internet. One of the victims of the lawsuit is also a military veteran.

This company has inflicted extreme emotional distress and because they live on fixed incomes are ruining them financially with the obscene lawsuit that has been going on since January of 2016. The man running the show for The New Home Company is H. Lawrence Webb.

It is obvious that he cares nothing for senior citizens or veterans and cares nothing about their health or the fact that his company has damaged many people’s homes. Some seniors were forced to move away because they were being choked to death by the diesel fumes and others had to stay because they couldn’t afford to move.

After the new home buyers moved into Villa Metro complaints started surfacing about shoddy construction and people saying they were never informed that an outdoor soccer stadium had players screaming up until 12 midnight or that commuter trains would be blasting their horns at all hours of the day and night.

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To learn more right now, visit The New Home Company-Nazis website and watch the 18 Videos at YouTube.  More information will be added to this site in the near future.