Bob Vernon Letter Re: WIm Dankbaar

BOB VERNON explains and defends in a letter his involvement in the James Files story and how he sold his rights to WIM DANKBAAR which was posted at  Referencing item #7, in no uncertain terms, Bob Vernon calls Mr. Dankbaar a fraud and liar.

March 1, 2007

To:  Allan Eaglesham
From:  Bob Vernon


I have reviewed your article entitled The Tell-Tale Dash: James Files and Dented Case Cartridge Case.

First, please allow me to compliment you on your research and the diligent efforts you have made in exposing the James Files / Wim Dankbaar hoax.

Secondly, as the person who inherited James Files when my partner, the late Joe West, died in 1993, I spent 10 years talking to, visiting with and communicating with James Files.  As attorney Don Ervin of Houston once said: Jimmy is 10 times smart. That certainly proved to be true for Files did his best to con me and others into believing his story.

Your article prompts me to make the following statements, all of which are true and accurate to the best of my ability:

1  In my personal dealings with Remington Arms, I found them to be elusive and very un-professional.  Inquires into the casings and into the serial number of the weapon James Files said he used in Dallas that I made were answered and then changed (as applies to the dash) and I received approximately 5 different dates of manufacture as relates to the weapon (a Remington Fireball XP-100.

2.   believe your work on the dash speaks for itself and I agree with your conclusion.

3.   you stated in your article, I did indeed have a phone discussion with Wim Dankbaar in which I informed him that the dented casing was a major problem and that I was prepared to make an announcement that James Files was a hoax.  I have provided you with the irrefutable evidence that the phone call took place and that is what I said to Dankbaar.

4.  With a bevy of retired FBI agents on board, it would appear that one of them, particularly Zack Shelton (since he received $115,000 that I am aware of), would have gotten to the bottom of the dented casing years ago but, alas, that did not happen.  I do not know the reason why but it could well be related to net profits, I assure you.

5.  As relates to the weapon that Files said he used, it was confiscated by an Illinois Police Department and has since disappeared.  However, the police report did not disappear and I had a copy of it at one time.  Not only was the weapon identified as a Remington Fireball XP-100 that fired .221 casings, the report stated that a case loading device was found in the trunk of the vehicle with the weapon that re-loaded .221 cartridges. Files, however, had specifically stated that his weapon had been re-chambered to hold a .222 casing.  It appears this is not true and yet another piece of the Files hoax has been uncovered.

6.  Shortly before my daughter had a stroke in 2003, which led to me selling my interests to Dankbaar, I personally sent Dankbaar and Shelton a communication stating the problems I had recently uncovered that caused me serious concern about Files, Plumlee and Holt.  I also told them that Shelton should look into these things and, until he did, I was ready to pull the web site and video.  It was at that time, and brought on by my daughter’s stroke, that I sold my rights to Dankbaar.  Dankbaar then proceeded to bilk me out of my final payment causing me irreparable damages. To keep me quiet, he put a silence clause in my agreement that stopped me from saying anything to anyone with the exception of I could publish my personal memoirs on the case three (3) years after the purchase and I now have that right.  I will indeed be publishing my entire personal memoirs at some future date.

7. As I stated above, I do agree with your conclusion however I would like to add one more sentence to your statement that Files is a fraud.  It is based on my personal experience with Dankbaar himself.  He has proven less than honest, irreparably harmed me and my family with no sense of decency, twisted the truth to meet his personal objectives and monetary gain and to make matters worse, Dankbaar has conspired and consorted with a convicted felon, currently in Federal Prison for defrauding the United States Government, to further commit conspiracy and fraud against me which has further harmed me and my family irreparably.  So I must add to your conclusion, not only is James Files a fraud; Wim Dankbaar is a fraud, a liar and a very immoral person to put the Files hoax on the worldwide commercial market and profit from it.  Dankbaar has done a tremendous disservice to the JFK Research community as well as to the American and International public by perpetrating the Files hoax along with others that Dankbaar controls with his blatant abuse of money. Then again, how can anyone expect a man who doesn’t believe in God to tell you the truth about anything.

I am,
Robert G. Vernon
Antioch, CA.


One of Wim Dankbaar’s flunkies, someone named Brychek, posted the following on Dankbaar’s make believe forum. My responses are in red.

Bob Vernon and Alan Eaglesham have been involved in numerous attacks, and misrepresentations. Not surprised that you bit on the hook, given your obvious pre-dispositions.

RGV: I know of no misrepresentations that Mr. Eaglesham and I have been involved in. Both of us have always sought the truth.

For the record, nothing conclusive has ever been established by Bob Vernon, or Alan Eaglesham. Their attacks are inconclusive, and hell bent on attacking both Wim Dankbaar, and Jimmy Files.

BV: Not true. This idiot does a fine job in destroying James Files. Read on.

Wim is dealing with bullets found in the 1980’S. First and foremost, these bullets have never been proven to be the shell casings used by Jimmy. Second, the bullets used by Jimmy were custom loaded by Wolfman, who did not use off of the shelf, store bought ammunition. These were custom loaded, and custom drilled for mercury tipped hollow points. And third, Jimmy had 3 – 4 Remmington Fireballs along with hundreds of other weapons. There is no proof even that the exact Fireball taken was the one used by Jimmy to kill JFK in Dallas, Texas on 11.22.1963. Fourth, Jimmy never wanted to go public with his story. Joe West literally talked Jimmy into doing this, over Jimmy’s constant objections.

BV: #3 is the corker. From 1992 until today, there was only ONE Fireball in James Files’ life, according to him. Now, suddenly, there are 3 or 4. Next, this fool will want you to believe the Bush family has no oil stock. Files specifically stated to us, on more than one occasion, that the Fireball taken was the one he used in Dallas on 11/22/63. He also said it was the third time he had used it. To make matters worse, for Dankbaar and his ship of fools, is that Files told me where certain identifying marks were located on THAT SPECIFIC FIREBALL, the one he used on JFK. This idiot’s statement further proves that Files story is changing dramatically every time Files opens his mouth.

Also, recall that Jimmy’s Fireballs were straight from David Atlee Phillips and the CIA, who had a batch of over 500 Fireballs expressly made for the CIA, that were all untraceable. Also, much of the CIA ammunition was custom made. Finally, it has been admitted that Remington told several stories, as their involvement with the CIA began to unravel. Reminton is between a rock and a hard place. They have never ending agreements with the CIA and the US Military to never divulge certain information. What if anything, will make Remington cooperate with a character like Bob Vernon, or Alan Eaglesahm? Nothing.

BV: Ah yes, foot and mouth disease is running rampant now. We met, talked with and video taped the INVENTOR of the Remington Fireball. We were told that the military and CIA purchased several weapons in 1963 but never have we heard 500. Besides, prior to 1963, there were only prototypes. In 1963, there were only 500 Fireballs made. This idiot wants you to believe the CIA bought them all. Didn’t happen.

And for the record, I was always against Jimmy going forth with Joe West, and then Bob Vernon.
More importantly, Jimmy Files has never been proven wrong on one single point of what he told, as he remembered it over 30 years later. Most people today can’t remember 30 days later.

BV: James Files has drastically changed his story since the year 2000. Now, there is mention of Files killing Marilyn Monroe and Jimmy Hoffa. Soon, I suppose we will all learn that Files was involved in the Abe Lincoln murder, too.

Finally, it is far easier to attack, and tear down something, then anoint yourself a self-proclaimed expert. It is far harder to prove something.

How many of you reading this ever was given proof that your father was your father, other than your mother’s word? Look at how many have failed on that matter now with the advent of DNA.

BV: Who’s your Daddy? James Files?

Respectfully,  Bruce Patrick Brychek
The following elements were also part of Bob Vernon’s post at

Lastly we have comments made to me about Wim Dankbaar by a person who knows Dankbaar too well:

” I have always felt that Dankbaar was but a mere cockroach, the lowest form of life on the planet, the kind of creature that scampers around in the dark but is blinded and runs and hides when the lights come on. An insect whose brain is spread throughout its belly, the head only holds a bit of the nervous system. If you were to cut off its head, it would die of starvation or thirst because its head holds no brain matter. It can even continue to live if its heart stops. Doesn’t that sound like Dankaar? No brain, no heart, nothing. Roaches are pesky but not indestructible.

People like Dankbaar always get what’s coming to them. It may be today, tomorrow or next week but it will happen. Once you lose your integrity, you have lost everything and while Dankbaar may have a way of succeeding in the beginning, his true colors eventually and always come through. I hated him from the moment I met him and always knew he was in it for only what would benefit himself. He’s the kind of man who would turn on his own family, and has, if he thought he could make a penny off the deal. Nothing he would EVER do would surprise me.”

Too bad I didn’t meet this person before Dankbaar sent me an unsolicited email back in 2002 about James Files. Had I known what a crook, liar and thief Dankbaar is, I would have never have become involved with him.

Then, of course, there’s retired FBI agent Zack Shelton, the expensive private eye in charge of Dankbaar’s “investigation”…..he’s an alligator at heart………

Earlier posting by Bob Vernon

To all legitimate JFK researchers and other interested persons:

I promised myself and others that I would not make any more public comments
about anything to do with the JFK assassination and I plan to do that but I
do feel that I need to make one more comment before I get back to the
business at hand and that is to continue our private investigation on James
Files, Tosh Plumlee and Chauncey Holt and to publish ONLY the truth to the
public as is my right as per my assertion of my legal rights to reclaim my
property after a contract breach by Wim Dankbaar.

I am sick and tired of hearing about Judyth Baker for she is simply not
telling the truth and every piece of credible research and investigation
that I have seen, and investigation and research that I have personaly done
myself, all indicates she is bogus. Yet, after being told endlessly and
presented with fact after fact that Baker is bogus, we still see Wim
Dankbaar continuing to perpetrate the Baker hoax as he has attempted to do
since he first started trying to convince me she was real.

Forget the fact that Dankbaar has breached his agreement with me, slandered
and libeled my name, lied to me and my family and caused us irreparable
harm, committed both civil tort and criminal offenses against me, converted
my property, conspired with other persons to convert my property, and lied
to 21 other decent fine Americans also causing them irreparable damages,
cast all of that aside for I have lawyers that handle thieves and liars like
him and his store bought friends.

What is important is the truth and that’s all you’ve ever gotten from me and
all you will ever get.

The following information was received by me in the last 24 hours. I am not
at liberty to tell you who sent this to me but I have turned this info in
its original signed form over to my attorney as further proof of the
continued lies told about me by Dankbaar and now by one of his partners in
crime, Judyth Baker. The document speaks for itself and I can assure you,
it came from a very credible JFK researcher who has worked for years to get
to the truth about the murder of JFK, a very well respected person in the
JFK Research community. Let the documents below speak for themselves for
within these words is the truth about Judyth Baker. Judge for yourself:


EMAIL page 1:

Robert Baker told me on the phone that he sent her a box(s?) of her stuff
that evidently contained many items from their married years together. Like
every little scrap of paper. His theory, which makes sense, is that she has
patched together her story from this material. But, he does NOT wish to get
into this with her any further — as you can imagine.

For example, she showed me pages of love letters with the corners torn off
where the Dear ” _ _ _” would be. She claimed they were letters to L-E-E but
I suspect they were letters to her husband B-O-B (same spacing). And why
would she have the letters she supposedly sent or gave to Lee Oswald? Didn’t
they see each other in person? Did he give them back to her? What bull. Her
husband traveled and she wrote to him.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter because she will make something up to explain it
all away and I don’t have the time for her. It is absolutely amazing to me
that anyone believes her.

By the way, it wasn’t Debra Conway that investigated her for 60 Minutes and
them she is bogus. A very, very smart woman attorney did that and is proud
of it. Don Hewett and co. had no idea how easy it was to put together a JFK
assassination story from books and the internet — and was SO impressed with
Judyth’s story. Give me a break.

EMAIL page 2:

(Believe me, she was totally and completely
checked out.)

And I think you saw a copy of one of the letters with the corner torn off,
didn’t you? Another question: She says she threw away things and never
talked about her experiences with Oswald, but she kept these letters? What
would Bob say if he found them?? Oops.

But seriously, please accept that you will never have the last word with
Judyth. She will never stop. She has a fan club now and loves all this
attention. She adores being the victim and causing all this controversy.
Anyway, that’s my 2¢.

Anyone who can clearly understand the English language should easily be able
to ascertain the truth stated in these emails above.

If you need any other proof, please understand that I am from New Orleans
and I know the Oschner family, particularly Dr. John Oschner, son of Alton
Oschner who is now in his late 70s or early 80s and is retired, one of the
most respected citizens and doctors in the city, if not the world. I have
personally talked to Dr. Oschner two times about Judyth Vary Baker. Dr.
Oschner has no reason to lie and let me assure you it is common knowledge in
New Orleans about his father’s and his activities throughout the years for
it is cocktail party talk in uptown New Orleans and you can take that to the
bank. Dr. John Oschner was heavily involved in all experiments involving
his father’s cancer research throughout the years, covert and otherwise, and
is still as sharp as a tack even in his golden years. Dr. John Oschner knew
every single cancer researcher involved with his father and their
experiments through the years, many of them he hired, most of which HE
SUPERVISED. What is critical here is that Dr. John Oschner had hands on
daily experience with everything that went on in his father’s medical

Dr. John Oschner does not know a Judyth Vary Baker nor has he never heard of
her. He checked not only the Oschner files and records archives, but he
also contacted the Reilly Coffee Company but to no avail. In my last
communication with Dr. Oschner, over a year ago, he asked me to get her
social security number and that this might be helpful in finding out if
Baker was ever a patient at their clinic. I haven’t felt it was necessary
to bother this gentleman any further. I’m sure he has more important things
to do. I do.

Take it from there. At least you know the truth.

Over and out.

Bob Vernon
aka Dr. Truth

posted at