Arnold Schwarzenegger – Case 44


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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Inner City Games

 Fraud & Deceit
Using Children for Profit


Rather than stepping up to the plate, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Inner City Games has decided to hide the truth under the sand. When it comes to its involvement with the Hollenbeck Youth Center scandal, no one’s talking!

NOTE: Mr. Schwarzenegger was contacted at his ICG’s office in Santa Monica office repeatedly regarding this case and chose to remain silent.


The Final votes were tabulated and duplicates were removed.

Here are the results:


Guilty – 265,589 Votes Not Guilty – 325 Votes



Arnold Really is a Girlie-Man!

Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor – No Thanks!

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Inner City Games Cowers From The Light of Truth


Coming Soon:
You will soon see documents that prove Mr. Schwarzenegger uses children for self promotion.

The “Inner City Games” connection. Why didn’t someone “terminate” this problem? Learn the answer soon. Can they all hide behind a name change.