Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor


by Sandra Trejillo

So, with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hat tossed in the political ring for California’s October gubernatorial election, the questions are will he be any better at choosing his cronies than he was when he selected Danny Hernandez (the fraud and tax cheat from Hollenbeck Youth Center), will he be any better at financial accountancy than he was when he let best bud Hernandez illegally funnel Hollenbeck’s funds to Schwarzenegger’s Inner City Games Foundation, will he be any better at protecting the environment than his party with its solid pro big business-screw everyone/everything else stance? Is he going to suddenly save the film industry from flight to Canada? What’s he really got to offer Californians other than his huge muscles and big smile.

As for his money – hey Schwarzy, spread it around a little – I can use some of that and hey, where’s my free Hummer? We hear Hummer supports your Inner City Games to the tune of millions. So what’s with taking donations that were earmarked for Hollenbeck? “Save the kids” is really not the only mantra Californians want to hear. What do you have to say about illegal immigration? Or do you just sweep that huge California problem under the table like the rest of the do nothing politicians? Mustn’t piss off the Latinos, as if you have to lump them all together.

Anyway, Arnold if you hope to have a political life then you’d better clean up your act starting with the return of all the money that rightfully belongs to Hollenbeck.