Anti Monty Roberts Book Ready for Publication

“Horse Whispers & Lies” – the Ultimate Anti-Monty Roberts Book
John Dolan

The battle of the books is about to begin. “Horse Whispers & Lies”, an answer to what its authors are calling Monty Roberts’ tall tales in his own autobiography – “the Man Who Listens to Horses” – is about to be published and sold on the Internet, as well as other places.

It’s written by Monty’s aunt, Joyce Renebome and her daughter, Debbie Ristau (Monty’s cousin) and comes with the blessing of Larry Roberts, Monty’s brother.

When Monty’s book took to the shelves, the trio confronted him about his many liberties with the truth. They didn’t much care for the way he maligned his parents; nor did they care for the half-truths and downright lies about his past. Monty may remember which end of the horse is which, they said, but he sure has forgotten a thing or two about his own life. Autobiographies are supposed to be ‘non-fiction’ accountings, not something made up to bring in the bucks.

Years and much research later, “Horse Whispers & Lies” is about to make some more waves in Monty Roberts life. He’s already been defending himself against their charges both on his internet site and at his demonstrations, telling captive audiences everywhere what “liars” his own relatives are.

Obviously Monty will still have his supporters (jock supporters?). His charisma and sad tales spark sympathy in many people who don’t want to entertain the truth. But, for those willing to weigh the charges, “Horse Whispers & Lies” will prove to be good reading.